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All bookings can be made through the email, please send what you would like as a description and any source material plus the location that the tattoo will go.
This will assist with pricing and time management of your piece. We will get back to you as soon as possible and if need be arrange a consultation.


Ear £10 including cartilage , nose £15 , belly £30 , nipple £30 , both nipples at the same appointment is £50.
Please call ahead for any piercings and you will be accommodated either on the day or an appointment can be made.

At this time we can not accommodate Tongue or genital piercings

Deposits and Rates

Deposits will be taken for all bookings and are none refundable due to the time taken to create the design for you, rebooking on the deposit is possible at our discretion.
The minimum deposit is £70, though this can vary for example larger work that could take multiple sessions, the studio minimum for any work is £50, a deposit for minimum work is £20.

The studios day rate:
£350 weekday
£400 weekend

Millar 3
Bishops Stortford
CM23 3DH

07855 802 403


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